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Asia Top Investigation LLP, a respected and renowned Private Investigation Agency based in Singapore. With years of experience, our licensed and professional private investigators are here to help. Our team boasts over a decade of combined experience in law enforcement and private investigation. The bottom line, we're well equipped to handle most types of cases that come our way. Get in touch with Private Investigator, Vincent Tan to schedule your initial consultation today.

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Welcome to Asia Top Investigation LLP. We are a results-driven, cutting-edge, full-service Private Investigation Agency, and over the years, we have built up a solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience.

Our partners, Private Investigator Vincent Tan, and Private Investigator Steven Tan have a combined private investigation experience of 45 years. 

Vincent Tan is a certified International private Investigator by the Council of International Investigator in 2011. He was awarded Asia Top Investigator by the American Biographical Institute in May 2012. This accolade recognizes Vincent Tan's expertise in handling sophisticated Matrimonial Investigation. Over the span of his 25 years in the private investigation field, he has solved thousands of cases, including several high-profile cases, giving his clients peace of mind.

He started his Private Investigation career with an International Private Investigation Agency under Mr. Lionel Chee (former Assistance Commissioner of Police) and Mr. Daniel A. Grove, who opened the first Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office at the American Consulate in Hong Kong as well as Mr. Martin Soh, former Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Steven Tan has trained more than 60 private investigators in the art of surveillance and evidence gathering both locally and internationally. He has built a good network of International private investigators



Singapore Top Private Investigator 

The best or nothing

Asia Top Investigation LLP combines Artificial Intelligence with 45 years of technical and Private investigation experience to provide you with these one-stop professional investigation services. For outstanding contributions in the field of Matrimonial Investigation, Private Investigator Vincent Tan was awarded a diploma on 5 January 2012. This accolade recognizes Vincent Tan's expertise in handling sophisticated Matrimonial Investigations. We believe in attracting top talent who are best in their expertise, ethical at all times and professional when conducting investigations. To synergize our international network throughout the years, we have taken a systematic approach to our oversea Private Investigator. Chat with us to find out more about how we can help solve your case now!

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There are several great benefits for clients who decide to work with Asia Top Investigation LLP. All our private Investigators are well trained in operating the latest evidence gathering equipment. With our interrogation expertise and our commitment to your privacy, you can rest assured that your case remains absolutely confidential with our Agency. Our clients trust us not only because we provide a one-stop solution and free consultations to foster and protect that trust, but also provide value-added consulting services to solve their cases.

 Our case manager will listen and analyze your case thoroughly to provide the most suitable and cost-effective method to conduct the investigation. Our clients will be updated on the progress of the investigation with daily update and a detailed report will be submitted upon conclusion of the investigation. 

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Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We believe in solving your cases with the most efficient and cost-effective method. By reducing unnecessary investigations, and using Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. ) technology to reduce the cost of investigations without compromising the quality of the case. Asia Top Investigation LLP believes in attracting top talents who are best in their expertise when conducting Investigations. All our private Investigators or Private Detectives are trained to operate the latest covert evidence gathering equipment to bring our clients quantitative results with facts and evidence.

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Quality Assurance

We equip our licensed Private investigators with the latest in A.I. technology and anti-spy technologies to produce quality and accurate reports for every case. Artificial Intelligence tools can be used in instances such as analyzing a target's location or to prevent your private conversations being recorded. It can also draw data and images from mobile devices.

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We Promise Quality

With 45 years of combined experience, we are the pioneers of the Private Investigations industry in Asia. We have a network of international private investigators across Asia and Europe for our cross-border private investigation cases. To synergize our international network throughout the years, we have taken a systematical approach on our over oversea partners. Talk to us today to find out how we can assist you!

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Asia Top Investigation LLP

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