Artificial Intelligence Combine with Private Investigator I Expertise In Modern Days Investigation..

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

In this modern high technology era, Private Investigators can no longer just trail a target like Sherlock Holmes in the movie disguised with a cloak, hat and dark glasses with the aid of a camera. Trailing is also known as surveillance and it is still the most effective method to gather evidence. However, nowadays surveillance is conducted widely with the help of artificial intelligence tools such as GPS Tracker and evidence gathering devices. Private Investigators cannot only rely on these devices. They must also have the investigative skills and experience to utilize the combination of technology effectively for the best result.

Private Investigation agencies need to keep upgrading themselves to stay competitive in order to have advanced technology skills when conducting the investigation. As Technology is always moving fast forward, like smartphones and smart devices, Private Investigators are required to have the updated IT skill of these devices to retrieve valuable sources of information from these devices for most types of investigation.

In Singapore, Private Investigators do not have the authority to carry any firearms and do not have the power of a police officer, therefore Private Investigators are at very high risk when conducting cases. Overseas investigations are riskier especially conducting high profile cases. Using Security Technology, Private Investigators are able to provide some protection for themselves. Artificial Intelligence tools can help Private Investigators in conducting Intellectual Property Investigation to solve the cases more efficiently with their skill.

An example of a Technology Device with Artificial Intelligence tool

Currently, there is no device or equipment in the market to stop recording a conversation secretly. With technology, recorded conversations can be made useless or invalid with a sound masking device. There are a number of sound masking devices available online which you can purchase. However, the most important factors are its effectiveness and convenience to use at any time. Asia Top Investigation LLP, our Private Investigators are equipped with sound masking technology mobile phone that can be operated at any time when required if there is a suspicion that conversation may be recorded. There is no law to state that it is illegal to record phone or private conservation discreetly. However, do check with a lawyer if any further clarification is needed.

At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we can gather all data from most mobile devices and analyze the data for you. Contact us at or call us at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApps for more information.

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