How Can I forgive my partner who cheats on me? by Singapore Private Investigator, Vincent Tan.

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Let face it, some partners at some point in a committed relationship cheat. In some cases, divorce is not always the answer to cheating spouses. A professional private investigator must be able to analyze the case and provide the client with the best options. this advice is base on the private investigator's years of experience.

Cheating is sometimes a symptom that the relationship is weak. Whereas a couple may have been neglecting their sex life, not communicating honestly, or not spending quality time together.

A study conducted recently that some people who cheat on their partner did it with people they meet at work. This is because they spent most of the time together while at work.

If your partner made a mistake by cheating on you and you decided to forgive him/her there are 3 important to consider.

1) A cheater has to be genuinely remorseful about their action and apologized sincerely.

The next step is to take responsibility to end the affair and stop all types of communication with the other parties.

2) He/she have to own up and realize what went wrong and rebuild the trust.

3) The old relationship is dead. Both of you have to rebuild a new relationship base on some rules. Etc telling each other where you are at all times and sending reassuring messages to each other.

Within a few months, you will feel better but at times still feel insecure. Don't worry too much as this is normal. For the relationship to heal, there has to be an understanding of both parties. As a quote say 'TO HEAL A WOUND YOU NEED TO STOP TOUCHING IT' .

An important note.

Some cheating partners don't deserve to be forgiven and some marriages are not worth saving.

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