Can you prevent someone from secretly recording your conversation? by Private Investigator Vincent

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The answer is NO especially if you are dealing with someone with advance recording devices.

There is more than 1000 different kind of audio recording devices in the market catering for the amateur to professional Private Investigatigator. Those recording devices are concealed inside power bank, clock, pen, watch, pendant, thumb drive, USB cable, photo frame, lights, power socket, and many other daily used products.

It's almost impossible to prevent someone from recording your conversation. Fortunately

with advanced technology, we can disable the audio recording devices using a jammer or counter-surveillance system that can work against some recording devices. You can purchase

these devices on the internet when you search for keywords such as Spyware, Spy Devices, Spy Equipment, Private Investigator Equipment or Private Detective Equipment. The price ranges from less than SGD$100 dollars to over SGD$20,000.

Asia Top Investigation LLP uses the most cost-efficient and convenient method to protect

you against all types of eavesdropping, especially when your conversation is extremely sensitive. The basic idea is to have your mobile phone loaded with a 'SPEECH-LIKE' interference which masks your voice. This 'SPEECH-LIKE' noise is especially been compiled using white noise. human voices and background sound.

There are 3 important points to observe when using this method:

1. The 'SPEECH-LIKE' noise must be effective in covering your conversation.

2. Your mobile device loaded with the 'SPEECH-LIKE' noise must be facing the person you are having the conversation; and

3. Your voice must be kept low but clear enough to be heard by the other person you are having the conversation.

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