Private Investigators in Singapore by Private Investigator Steven Tan ( Asia Top Investigation LLP)

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

All Private Investigators (PIs)/ Private Detectives in Singapore has to have a valid license with the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Only a company with a valid Private Investigation Agency License is able to provide these services, any individual Private Investigator/Private Detective is not allowed to solicit any businesses on their own.

Private Investigators (PI's) or Private Detectives in Singapore can conduct any investigation from spousal infidelity to intelligence gathering. These are some examples of cases conducted by Private Investigators/Private Detectives/PI Undertake:

1. Child Custody

2. Harassment/Violence

3. Missing Person

4. Overseas Investigation/Surveillance

5. Digital Investigation & Mobile Phone Forensic

6. Intellectual Property (IP) Investigation

7. Matrimonial & Family Related Investigation

8. General Investigation & Litigation Support

9. Technical Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance & Debugging

10. Employee Movement Surveillance

Evidence for Grounds of Divorce

In pursuant to the Woman's Charter, a divorce may be obtained by proving Adultery or Unreasonable Behavior. With 25 years of experience conducting Matrimonial Investigation, Asia Top Investigation LLP will understand our clients first then recommend the most suitable strategy proven with our track record in obtaining Adultery Evidence.

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