How a Private Investigator Conducts An Internal Investigation, by Private Detective Vincent Tan

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Most companies conducts an Internal Investigation on missing cash, staff blackmail, products sabotage, receiving poison letter, or suspecting staff stealing company information.

When a private investigator conducts an internal investigation, the first person he needs to speak to is the business owner or manager to establish the full details and background of the case.

After analysing the case, your private investigator will interview all employees connected to the case discretely or openly. Thereafter, he will review thier personnel records, viewing camera footage, conduct computer or mobile phone forensic and in some cases installing surveillance equipment.

The key objectives are to identify the culprit or any staff wrongdoing. A skilled private investigator will be able to make an employee squeal on the others. Once the private investigator gathers all the information, he will organise the suspected employees and have their statements recorded voluntarily.

In some cases, the private investigator will recommend placing the suspected employee under surveillance. The client will then given a full report and decide how he wants to proceed with the finding.

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