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How To Conduct An Effective Surveillance by Asia Top Investigation

How To Conduct An Effective Surveillance by Asia Top Investigation
by Asia Top Investigation

Private investigators in Singapore conduct surveillance of a person, place, or object in order

to gather evidence for our clients. In Singapore, with the data protection act in place, conducting surveillance is one of the most effective methods used to gather evidence.

A PI that you hire should be proficient in conducting surveillance professionally and within the legal boundaries of Singapore Law. When conducted properly, it can result in gathering invaluable evidence that can assist you in your case.

Licensed Singapore private investigators always maintained the method of Surveillance within the law boundaries. For instance, they will not hack or illegally bug a mobile device as it is considered illegal in Singapore. However, with that being said, they will find alternatives methods to gather evidence based on their experience.

How To Conduct An Effective Surveillance by Asia Top Investigation

There are 3 main important points PIs must have to conduct an effective and successful  Surveillance. These are:

1) Experienced and well-trained private investigators with years of experience conducting Surveillance. They are trained in the art of disguise and will know how to blend into any place/situation. These highly skilled professionals will also be able to analyze the ground and give direction to the team of PIs to position themselves at the right place at the right time to get the best possible angles (if taking photo evidence) so that they get clear and precise evidence. These PIs are trained to anticipate the situation based on their experience and human behavioral reading and make the right decision as each Surveillance situation is different and required different equipment and technique. They will also maintain a sense of awareness of the target and handle the suitability. With these skills in place, they will be able to get close to a target and get the evidence required without alerting the target.

2) Using the latest and most effective surveillance equipment that can help them in gathering the evidence within the legal boundaries. GPS tracking technology has been here since 30 years ago. They are many types of GPS you can buy online but some are not suitable. The private investigator used GPS which have been tried and tested for the reliability and precise location report even when the target is in a building. Choosing a GPS tracking device can be challenging as you will find many online.

3) Vehicles or bikes that suit conducting Surveillance. This is important as mobile surveillance is challenging for the average driver. You not only have to follow the target while obeying the traffic laws, but you need to be in the most suitable vehicle of choice in order to follow the target into different roads and terrains to blend into the surroundings. On top of that, you have to remain incognito so that the target does not discover that you are on their tail. Our PIs are trained in defensive driving and with years of experience in mobile and foot surveillance, we are confident in following your target while gathering crucial evidence to fight your case.

How To Conduct An Effective Surveillance by Asia Top Investigation

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