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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Love Spams Is difference from Love Cheats. Private Investigator, Vincent Tan explained that Love spammer's main objective is to cheats the victim's money. Most Love Spammer target victims who are wealthy individuals, single lonely mums/ dads, and widows/widowers

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan noticed that there are a number of reported cases of Love Spam in the newspapers and online. One report from Today Singapore revealed that in the first halfyear of 2019 surged 46 percent from S$11.7 million in the first half of 2018 to S$17.1 million.

Love Spammer is a sweet talker and mostly projected himself/herself as a successful businessman/ businesswoman and come from a well to do background.

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan says that Love spammer's modus of operation was to connect the victim through the internet or dating apps. Love Spammer will try to gather information on victims before executing his plan. The love spammer usually shows "caring" and "helpfulness" to the victims. When Love Spammer feels that the victims are beginning to fall for him /her, he will give the victim assurance of love and start a "serious relationship" with the victims.

During the relationship period, he will convince the victim to invest in his business or stocks market. Love Spammer will promise the victim of a huge return from the victim's investment and always assure the victim that the victim's money is safe, and the capital is guaranteed.

Private Investigator Vincent Tan says that after giving the love spammer money, he will slowly avoid your telephone calls and messages. After some time the love scammer will totally be uncontactable.

If you suspect or already been spammed, private Investigator Vincent Tan advises victims to make a police report. You can visit the Singapore Police Force (SPF) website.

If you are not sure and wish to conduct some investigation on your partner for a peace of mind, you might want to consider contacting Private Investigator Vincent Tan for a confidential discussion @ +65 9651 1969 or email

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