Police Licensed Private Investigators I 25 Types Of Services Private Detective in Singapore Provides

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Singapore Private Investigators provide investigative services to legal firms, insurance companies, corporate companies, and private individuals to gather evidence and information. Litigation support is also a type of investigation service Singapore Private Detective offer to lawyers. Private individuals hire Private Detective for many reasons such as locate missing people, conduct background checks, gathering evidence for adultery, conduct general surveillance, and many others.

Most Singapore Private Investigators' scope of work is in conducting surveillance, field investigation, and conducting online searches. Pretext phone calls are often used by Private Detectives to confirm the information and gather data on the subject. In Singapore Private Investigation Agencies Is licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department located at Police Cantonment Complex, 393 New Bridge Road. Singapore 088763

Some of the most common cases untaken by Singapore Private Detectives are:

1) Background Investigation / Due Diligence

2) Pre-Marital Checks

3) Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

4) Child Custody Investigation

5) Locating Missing Person

6) Teenager Monitoring / Investigation

7) General Surveillance

8) Mystery Shopper / Market Survey / Competitor Investigation

9) Employee / Business Partner Investigation

10) Identify Poison-Pen Writer

11) Scam / Fraud Investigation

12) Business Intelligence

13) Bug Sweep / TSCM

14) Computer Forensics / Mobile Phone Forensics / Electronic Surveillance

15) Data Recovery

16) Cyber Security Services / Bribery Investigation

18) Suspicious Insurance Claim Investigation

19) Intellectual Property (IP) Investigation

20) Asset Search / Verification

21) Private Negotiation

22) Consultation of Spy Devices / GPS Tracking Devices / Anti Audio Recorder

23) Consultation On Counter-Surveillance

24) Undercover Operation

25) Tracking Down Of Witness / Process Server

Singapore Private Detective

Most of the Singapore Private Detectives have gathered their experience and expertise from ex-enforcement and private investigation background. They have the expertise from years of solving the client's cases. Few Private Detectives in Singapore with specialized investigation skills and equipped with the latest surveillance technology to monitor the subject will be able to gather the evidence more efficiently and cost-effective.

Asia Top Investigation LLP

At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we provide our clients with any Private Investigation Service 24/7 with local and international support. Our Professional Private Detectives are experienced, certified, licensed, and well trained with diversified investigation background. With technology advancing rapidly, our Private Detectives are constantly updating and upgrading themselves to stay ahead. We will analyze all information provided with care and conscientiousness. Planned an effective method of investigation to achieve the client's goal. Absolute confidentiality and privacy is our motto to provide clients with total confidence and trust.

Contact Asia Top Investigation LLP

Let us listen to your problem and help you analyze to find the best solution. We will provide a cost-effective method to gather evidence/information you need. You can contact us at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApp with no obligation. You can also email us at

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