How To Conduct Investigation In Malaysia By Asia Top Investigation LLP Private Detective Vincent Tan

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

If you are looking for a Private Investigator in Malaysia, you might want to know that it is important to get a Licensed Private Investigator. In Malaysia, Private Investigator License is issued under the Private Agencies Act 1971 ( Minister of Home Affairs ). You can read more on the Private Agencies License. The Private Investigators license in Malaysia is bound by regular law and restriction in the Private Agencies Act.

Asia Top Investigation LLP, Private Investigator Steven Tan says it is important to work with the Licensed Private Investigation Agencies. Steven has been conducting investigation in Malaysia for the past 20 years building up a reliable network of sources and Licensed Private Investigators. With 20 years of building up trust with Malaysian Private Investigators and sources, Steven Tan believes that protecting client confidentiality is still the most important.

Should you require a trusted and reliable private investigator to conduct Investigation in Malaysia you can contact Asia Top Investigation LLP at +65-96511969. We will listen, review, and discuss your case and make a proposal on how we will conduct the investigation in Malaysia. You can be assured that your particulars and details are kept strictly confidential. We have the Investigative resources to handle your case cost-efficiently and effectively within the legal parameters.

Alternately you can GOOGLE, and search for effective keywords such as Asia Top Investigator, Top Investigator, Asia Best Investigator. Asia Top Investigator in Malaysia, Top Investigator in Asia, Top Detective in Asia. You can also visit the website below for Singapore Police Force Licensed Private Investigation Agencies;

i) 7 SPF-Approved Best Private Investigators in Singapore or;

ii) The Top 10 Private Investigators in Singapore

You are advised to call a few Private Investigation Agencies to check on the expertise and experience in handling your case. Make sure that they can answer your enquire confidently and compare the cost before you engage their service.

If you need more information on how to conducting Investigation in Malaysia, you can contact Private Investigator, Vincent Tan @ +65-9651-1969, or email

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