6 tell-tales sign that your partner is having an affair that cannot be ignored by Vincent Tan( ATI )

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan over the years, we have gathered a myriad of evidence showing partners being unfaithful. We have come up with the most accurate signs to determine if you should be worried about your partner's loyalty:

1. Friends telling you they saw your partner behaving intimately with someone else

2. Intimate messaging from someone other than yourself

3. Constantly lying

4. Avoid giving you details of his/her whereabouts when traveling

5. Condoms found in his/her belongings or car

6. Guilt-ridden behavior when he/she is with you

There are definitely more signs to determine if your partner is being unfaithful to you. These are a 6 tell-tale signed that cannot be ignored. Seek professional help now! Private Investigator Vincent Tan was awarded a diploma for outstanding contributions in the field of Matrimonial Investigation on 5 January 2012

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