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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Beware! Love Scams in Singapore are on a rise. It is very important to understand that the risk is very real and knowing how to avoid it will be very beneficial. Due to the current situation, most people are working, shopping, socializing on-line, and hence are more exposed to hackers, malware, and other threats. It is always good to be extra careful.

Love scammers always target their potential victims searching for tender loving care (TLC). Scammers' main objective is to scam victims' money. Some victims may be in a vulnerable state especially after a failed relationship. These people usually need to seek for someone on a dating website to fill the void. Scammers always have a ready "made-believe" profile on themselves. They usually projected themselves as someone rather successful in life with a respectable occupation or having a business venture overseas.

The first approach by the scammer is normally a romantic touch, like sending you daily notes of love, provide a good listening ear, give you a sense of security and comfort. Scammers are experienced con-people with very definite objectives - which is $$$. They can give you "pictures" of themselves to earn your trust.

When the time is right, scammers will start to make their first "test" strike. Normally by then, the scammers will know your financial background, your personalities and habits. They will eventually make excuses for some financial support. Initially, it will be a loan and return situation. Most victims will have no doubts and continued the relationship with the scammers in good faith and trust.

The final stage of this scam-game is to convince victims to invest in their "business" or "some profitable investment". Scammers are people who possess confidence tactics which enable them to use emotions to tackle potential targets to trust their cash with them. Once the scammers have achieved their goal, i.e your money or valuables, they will varnish from you.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF)

The number of internet love scam cases reported between January and March 2020 was a concern as the cases have increased by almost 34 percent. You can read more on the Singapore Police force Website (click here).

How To Avoid A Love Scam

Most people have the sixth sense to detect a relationship amiss but choose to ignore the warning sign. They wanted to believe having true love. They will always think that love scams will not happen to them. Being an experienced Private Investigator, I will advise you to conduct due diligence (background check) on the other party especially if he is someone you have met online before you start a relationship. Always update your mobile devices with the latest version for maximum security. Never perform any money transaction with people you have just known especially on social media.

Warning Signs

1) Constantly showing extreme caring, concern, affection too often toward you.

2) Wanting to start a relationship too quickly even you have not met up.

3) Monetary issues arise too soon.

4) Sharing personal unfortunate events.

5) Avoiding face-to-face meetings.

If you find yourself caught in a love scam, make a police report at the Anti-Scam Centre. If you unsure and wish to conduct a background check on him/her, you can contact us at +65-9651-1969 via phone call or WhatsApp call or send an email to Alternatively, you can Google search using keywords such as :

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