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What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Private Investigator (PI) In Singapore? | 💯 Asia Top Investigation 🏆

by Asia Top Investigation

If you've ever considered hiring a Private Investigation (PI) Agency in Singapore, you'd most probably realise that it's an expensive professional service in general. Whether your intention is to find a missing person or investigate your partner for infidelity, PIs are required to have very specific expertise which is similar to that of a police detective (which you can hire).

Let's try to break down what are you exactly paying for when you hire a PI Agency in Singapore, and how much should you be paying for the total service.

Well for starters, here are some of the most common services PI Agencies provides in Singapore:

  1. Matrimonial Investigations;

  2. Commercial Investigations;

  3. Digital Forensics;

  4. Anti-Spy or Counter-Surveillance

5. Digital Forensics

6. Counter-Surveillance

Costs Of Hiring A PI Agency In Singapore

Now, depending on which of these services you require, the costs would be different. But here's how a PI agency typically charges their clients, and how they allocate the budget. Let's say your PI agency decides to charge you a simple package for a Matrimonial Surveillance because you suspect your partner is unfaithful. These packages usually go for $XXXX per 30 hours. Always remember to contact at least 3 Private Investigatigation Agencies and read their website. This will help you to understand more about the agency's expertise. It is also good to read their Google Review. Always be careful when you signed their package deal as there are lots of negative reviews about Private Investigators deploying only an investigator for the entire surveillance operation. This will jeopardize your case or worst the target might discover that he/she is being trailed.

Now that you have a better idea of how much it is to hire a Private Investigator in Singapore, you should learn how to choose a reliable PI agency before deciding if you should save cost or get the job done right. To understand what makes a PI agency reliable, you can read this article here.

To determine if your private investigator is reliable, simply read their online reviews to determine the credibility of that agency, and if possible go through their website to see which areas of services do they focus on.

If you would like to find out more on Singapore Private Investigations services and details, you may read our free resources articles here:

For some, hiring a private investigator might be the last resort…

…but for others, it might be an avenue to kill their doubts on a certain suspicion. Regardless of your reason to hire a private investigator, make sure to hire a reliable agency to get the job done right.


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