Will My Partner Cheat Again? Tips Vincent Tan With 25 Years Of Matrimonial Investigation Experience

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Whether to forgive your partner for cheating on you after you have discovered the affair is devasting and can be considered as a crisis in a lifetime. You will feel anger, betrayal, depression, loneliness, and emotional pain which sometimes leads you to make harsh actions negatively. DON'T

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan from Asia Top Investigation LLP says that after obtaining evidence of adultery, we don't just stop there. At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we analyze your case thoroughly and advise you according to your interests. It won't be easy but clients have to make a decision either to save the marriage or end the marriage. The majority of my clients wanted to save the marriage and give it a second chance. However, in some cases, saving the marriage is not an option hence it will be better to end the marriage amicably.

Most clients will question themselves if they can forgive their cheating spouse and worry if they will cheat again. I have some pointers listed below to assist you in making a decision if you want to save the marriage. If you decide to forgive your partner, move forward, you can try talking with friends who are positive in saving your marriage. Avoid those who are negative or against your decision even their intentions are good.

When an affair is confronted, look out for the signs if the cheating spouse is willing to save the relationship:

- Does he/she feel remorseful about their unfaithful actions;

- Does he/she admit what they have done and promise to completely end the extramarital affair;

- Does he/she take responsibility toward the marriage;

- Does he/she try to rebuild the trust with you and answer to you truthfully (example update his/her whereabouts, share their password on social media account with you).;

- Does he/she understand your pain and take the step to ease your pain;

- Does he/she shows complete honesty with you;

- Does he/she still care for the family and love you;

- Does he/she willing to go for marriage counseling;

The above signs can be helpful for you in making your decision to reconciliation but also bear in mind that you too have to play your part to make your relationship work again. Look out for articles on our blogs on "How to forgive your partner", "How to win my partner back". you can also visit our blogs at asiatopinvestigationblogs to read more on cheating spouses.

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