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About Vincent Tan, Matrimonial Private Investigator

Vincent Tan, Private Investigator

Meet Vincent Tan, a seasoned and dedicated Matrimonial Private Investigator, and Founder & Partner at Asia Top Investigation. With a wealth of experience and a passion for uncovering the truth, Vincent has become a trusted professional in the realm of private investigations, particularly in the sensitive field of matrimonial cases.

Passion for Matrimonial Investigations

Vincent's interest in matrimonial investigations stems from a deep understanding of the complexities of personal relationships. He recognizes the importance of handling such cases with utmost care, empathy, and discretion. His passion lies in helping clients navigate through challenging situations and providing them with the clarity they seek.

Expertise in Covert Surveillance

As a Matrimonial Private Investigator, Vincent specializes in covert surveillance techniques. Whether it's investigating suspicions of infidelity, tracking hidden assets, or gathering evidence for legal proceedings, Vincent's expertise ensures that the investigation is conducted with precision and confidentiality.

Client-Centric Approach

Vincent Tan understands the sensitive nature of matrimonial investigations and adopts a client-centric approach in his work. He maintains open communication, keeping clients informed at every stage of the investigation. His commitment to transparency and professionalism has earned him the trust and appreciation of many clients.

About Vincent Tan

Vincent has undertaken more than 10,000 cases since 1990. He has conducted more than 500 raids in Singapore, some of which were reported in the local newspapers. With his wealth of experience and expertise, he will be able to offer his clients cost-effective solutions to ensure all cases are conducted legally, professionally, and without any hidden costs.

Over his 25 years in private investigation. He has since solved thousands of cases, including several high-profile cases, giving his clients peace of mind.

He was certified as an International Private Investigator by the Council of International Investigators in 2011 and awarded Asia Top Investigator by the American Biographical Institute in May 2012. These accolades recognize Vincent Tan’s expertise in handling sophisticated Matrimonial Investigations.

He started his Private Investigation career with an International Private Investigation Agency under Mr. Lionel Chee (former Assistance Commissioner of Police) and Mr. Daniel A. Grove, who opened the first Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office at the American Consulate in Hong Kong as well as Mr. Martin Soh, former Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Vincent Tan stands as a key asset at Asia Top Investigation, contributing significantly to the agency's reputation for excellence in matrimonial investigations. His academic background, passion for the work, expertise in covert surveillance, digital forensics proficiency, and client-centric approach make him a reliable and sought-after Matrimonial Private Investigator in Singapore.

If you're navigating through concerns in your personal life and require the services of a dedicated and experienced Matrimonial Private Investigator, Vincent Tan at Asia Top Investigation is ready to assist you. Trust in his expertise to unravel the truth and provide the clarity you seek in challenging situations.

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