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How To Hire A Licensed Singapore Private Investigator? | Singapore PI Agency, Asia Top Investigation

by Asia Top Investigation

Have you ever wanted access to some information or evidence of an act but did not know how to get it yourself? Well, you might have considered hiring a Private Investigator. Unlike Sherlock Holmes, a licensed Singapore Private Investigator doesn't wear a fedora, an overcoat and uses a magnifying glass.

In real life, a private investigator actually focuses more on fact-finding, gathering of information and evidence, as well as presenting these to the court of law. In the context of Singapore, the most common reasons why someone would hire a private investigator are Matrimonial (if you suspect your partner is committing adultery or if you want to fight for child custody), Commercial (business fraud cases), Digital Forensics (smartphone or laptop data extraction), or Missing Persons cases.

How It Works?

Prior to the start of an investigation, a private investigator would start with the preparation of the assignment. This might include a discussion on the scope of the assignment, investigation log sheets preparation and logistical arrangements for the investigation activities.

Private investigators would conduct surveillance activities that are within legislative boundaries and fulfil the Investigation code of ethics. Surveillance equipment will also be used for collecting evidence.

A private investigator might be called to present collected evidence for official court proceedings and would be required to produce well-documented log sheets for facts and references.

How To Hire A Private Investigator In Singapore?

To hire a private investigator in Singapore, here are a few things you'd need to take note of...

1. Confidentiality

Make sure that your private investigator is trustworthy and maintains client confidentiality. There are many cases where investigation details have been unintentionally leaked out which may jeopardise the case.

2. Licensed

Working with an unauthorised private investigator is illegal in Singapore. That goes without saying. However, something you might not know is that a licensed private investigator is not allowed to solicit for services on his own. Only the licensee of a Private Investigation Agency can advertise to provide private investigation services.

3. Experience

An experienced private investigator will take a different approach to your case as opposed to a novice. This means having results done in the most effective ways including using the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and creative strategies that will not compromise the objectives of the case.

What Can PIs Do?

Types of Work Private Investigators Perform

Private investigators execute a wide variety of work, including (but not limited to):

  1. Subject Static Surveillance (stakeout);

  2. Subject Movement Surveillance (by foot or car/bike/public transport);

  3. Matrimonial surveillance (to investigate possible adultery);

  4. Finding missing persons or property;

  5. Financial Investigations (debts);

  6. Trademark or copyright infringement corporate matters; as well as

  7. General investigation to obtain evidence to be used in civil or criminal matters.

Type of Work that Requires Special Approval

By law, assignments investigating political figures (Ministers of State), foreign diplomats, consuls, or their families, as well as the conduct of surveillance on certain protected (or militarily sensitive) places, foreign consulates, government buildings, departure and entry checkpoints, or certain private schools, require the special approval of the Singapore Police.

Type of Illegal Work Private Investigators Cannot Perform

Private investigators are legally required to undergo training and hold licences issued by the Singapore Police. As a result, a PI will be able to advise the client as to the legality of the methods used in the investigation.

The legality of hidden spy cameras depends on its usage. As of 2019, there are no specific privacy laws in Singapore. A spycam is generally used by PIs to film an investigation target or location, but to stay within the boundaries of the law, such cameras are usually only trained at public places or places owned by the client (e.g. the main door of a client’s house, or the living room, for instance, to track a spouse or maid’s activities).

However, if the use of the spycam involves housebreaking, insulting a woman’s modesty, or the recording and storing of obscene material, said usage may constitute criminal offences. In a divorce matter, the PI or the client runs the risk of being prosecuted or countersued if illegal methods of recording and spying are used. (For more information on how to gather evidence to support a divorce application, see the section below).

Additionally, other activities, such as hacking into the private digital accounts of individuals (e.g. Facebook accounts) may run afoul of Singapore’s laws, such as the Computer Misuse Act.

Be sure to check with your licensed PI Agency if your objectives can be achieved with compliance with the Singapore Law before deciding if you should engage their services. In the event that you can't, whatever evidence gathered during the investigations cannot be used or presented in the court of law.

To determine if your private investigator is reliable, simply read their online reviews to determine the credibility of that agency, and if possible go through their website to see which areas of services do they focus on.

If you would like to find out more on Singapore Private Investigations services and details, you may read our free resources articles here:

For some, hiring a private investigator might be the last resort…

…but for others, it might be an avenue to kill their doubts on a certain suspicion. Regardless of your reason to hire a private investigator, make sure to hire a reliable agency to get the job done right.


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