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A Comprehensive Guide On The Grounds For A Divorce In Singapore

Grounds For A Divorce

Understanding the grounds for divorce is crucial when navigating the challenging process of ending a marriage. In Singapore, divorce laws are specific about the reasons that can be cited for the dissolution of a marriage.

In this article, Asia Top Investigation provides a comprehensive guide to the grounds for divorce in Singapore.

1. Adultery

Adultery remains one of the primary grounds for divorce in Singapore. If a spouse can provide evidence of the partner's infidelity, it can serve as legal grounds for the dissolution of the marriage.

2. Unreasonable Behavior

Unreasonable behavior encompasses a range of actions that make it intolerable for one spouse to continue living with the other. This can include emotional or physical abuse, addiction issues, or financial irresponsibility.

3. Desertion

Desertion occurs when one spouse leaves the other without consent or a justifiable reason. If a spouse has been deserted for at least two years, it can be cited as grounds for divorce.

4. Separation for Three Years with Consent

If both spouses have lived separately for at least three years and mutually agree to the divorce, this can serve as grounds for divorce. Consent is a crucial element in this scenario.

5. Separation for Four Years

If spouses have lived separately for at least four years, even without mutual consent, it can be grounds for divorce. In this case, consent from both parties is not required.

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Singaporean Couple Arguing

Understanding the grounds for divorce is essential for individuals considering this legal process. Asia Top Investigation is dedicated to providing support through professional investigative services, helping individuals gather evidence to navigate divorce proceedings effectively.

Contact us for a confidential consultation, and let us guide you through this challenging period with professionalism and expertise.


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