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CNA: Woman gave over S$210,000 to man she thought would marry her; sues and gets money back

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Asia Top Investigation was hired by Ms. Lee, the Client, to conduct Background Investigations in 2020. After conducting investigations using Open-Source Intelligence Gatherings (OSINT), we managed to help Ms. Lee uncover the truth about the man she was dating.

She went through legal proceedings and in May 2024, she had finally won. This case study was featured on Channel News Asia's website in this article:

CNA Featured News Article



In November 2020, Ms Lee hired a private investigator to conduct a background check on Mr Ng. She learnt that he worked for his cousin's company and owned an HDB flat that was well-renovated.

He also lived there with another woman and they appeared to be a couple. The private investigator also reported that Mr Ng did not appear to have any financial problems.

At this point, Ms Lee had transferred Mr Ng a total sum of what she claimed was about S$212,850 over the years. 

She sued him for deceit and fraudulent misrepresentation and asked for the money back."

CNA Featured News Article Extract

Our Client was extremely happy that she managed to uncover the truth about this man which led to her eventual victory in the Singapore Court, as well as closure.

Message from our Client:

Client Thank You Message

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